RMTAO Meets with CHCAA


The RMTAO attended a meeting of the Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (CHCAA) where we provided the national association with a presentation on the RMTAO and the structure of Massage Therapy in Ontario. The RMTAO had the opportunity to dispel the misinformation regarding massage therapy in Ontario, clarifying processes and the credibility established through the regulation of the profession.

During this discussion, the RMTAO was able to uncover the various challenges in reducing fraud or the perception of fraud from insurers. The greatest concern is in regards to record retention of client files and the legal responsibility of maintaining a daily record of appointments. The CHCAA advised that the ability to cross reference names would be of assistance in deterring fraudulent behaviour. The RMTAO would like to remind all RMTs that as per CMTO regulation, all RMTs are required to maintain access to client files, for 10 years following the last appointment and maintain a daily record of appointments.

Unfortunately, there have been instances of clinics engaging in deliberate fraudulent behaviour. The CHCAA is aware of these instances and sympathizes with legitimate therapists experiencing such a challenge.

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