Daily COVID-19 Update - April 7, 2020


The following information was announced today related to COVID-19.

Government of Ontario Call for Healthcare Workers

The Government of Ontario has put out a call out for all health care workers to help fight COVID-19. The Premier of Ontario announced today that they are actively recruiting health care workers to increase the frontline capacity of hospitals, clinics and assessment centres. They have launched a new online tool that will help match skilled frontline workers with employers.

The new Healthforce Matching Portal will enable healthcare providers with a range of experience to join the province’s response to COVID-19. Those providers include retired or non-active health care professionals, internationally educated health care professionals, students, and volunteers with health care experience. The portal will efficiently match the availability and skillsets of frontline health care workers to the employers in need of assistance to perform a variety of public health functions, such as case and contact management.

If you have experience in fields that support the healthcare system and would like to volunteer, visit the new Workforce Matching Portal and register, and you will receive an email if you are matched.

CERB Applications

The application process for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit opened yesterday for those individuals born in January, February and March.

Today, those born in April, May and June can apply to the benefit. More information is available on the Government of Canada website.

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