Daily COVID-19 Update - April 28, 2020


The following are the latest updates available related to COVID-19.

Ontario Helping Businesses Overcome the Unique Challenges Created by COVID-19

The Ontario government is launching the COVID-19: Tackling the Barriers website to help businesses overcome the unique challenges created by the global pandemic.

Businesses working to retool their operations to produce health-related products, or those that want to continue their operations in this new environment of physical distancing, can submit any potential roadblocks to the website.


Updated Canadian Modelling

The Government of Canada has released new modelling of the course of the COVID-19 pandemic today, updated from modeling released on April 9.

Before we implemented any public health control measures in March, it was estimated that each person with COVID-19 infected just over two people. Today, stronger controls including physical distancing and increased testing has led the number of people each person with COVID-19 infects to just above one.

When modeling was first presented 19 days ago, cases in Canada were doubling every 3-5 days, and now it takes about 16 days for cases to double.
Canadian health officials are projecting 53,196 to 66,853 cases and 3,277 to 3,883 deaths by May 5 in their latest models.

Toronto Plan to Ease Sidewalk Crowding

City officials launched a program Monday to help reduce pedestrian traffic at sidewalk crowding “hot spots” around Toronto.

The program, called CurbTO, will target areas where lineups or pinch points have been forming around essential businesses such as grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants or community agencies.

The program will see city officials reorganize those areas through advice to businesses, signage, and curb lanes closures where appropriate in order to facilitate parking pick-up zones or curb-lane pedestrian zones.

The program is launching with 10 spots and will eventually include more than 100 locations across the city. The first ten locations targeted are:

1. Carlton Street and Church Street – Pedestrian zone
2. Danforth Avenue and Broadview Avenue – Pedestrian & Parking zones
3. Dupont Street and Lansdowne Avenue – Pedestrian zone
4. Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue – Parking Zone
5. Front Street East and Berkeley Street – Pedestrian & Parking zones
6. Gerrard Street East and Parliament Street – Pedestrian zone
7. Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue – Pedestrian & Parking zones
8. King Street West and Spadina Avenue – Parking zone
9. Bloor Street West and Bathurst Street – Pedestrian & Parking zones
10. Queen Street East and Carlaw Avenue – Pedestrian zone

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