RMT/ACT Update - Help us get to 5,000


Two months ago, the RMTAO, in conjunction with our partners in the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) launched the website RMTACT.ca as part of our fight for tax exemption, and encouraged RMTs across Canada to sign up for updates and share information to show their support!

We’ve already had 3,800 supporters sign up to fight the HST on RMT services and we've set a goal to turn 3,800 supporters into 5,000 by Canada Day.

It is important that supporters like you spread the word to their family, friends and colleagues about the need for RMTs to join the likes of other registered health practitioners and health care services by removing the HST. 

To get the word out, share the campaign on your social networks:

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We need your engagement to help us spread the word that massage therapy is health care, not a luxury. 

Sign up for updates on www.RMTACT.ca to show your support.  

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