National Environmental Scan of Massage Therapy


In 2016, the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA), in the role of a nationwide alliance of Canadian massage therapy associations contracted Monkeytree Creative to conduct an environmental scan of massage therapy in Canada. This environmental scan included a literature review, an online survey, and telephone interviews. This environmental scan was critical in developing a clear picture of the massage therapy profession across Canada, and will be used by the CMTA to develop a strong and unified national strategy and national voice.

The survey received 2981 responses from across Canada, and 14 interviews were conducted. A variety of key themes emerged in the results of the environmental scan. The core issue identified consistently across the survey, interviews and literature review was the lack of a cohesive national identity and voice for the massage therapy profession. Many of the high-level issues that face the profession, including regulation, education, insurance, public perception, all came back to the lack of consistent messaging and advocacy coming from a unified, top-level platform.

This environmental scan allowed for the development of a clear picture of the “average” massage therapist in Canada, including information about where they work, how they work, how they’re paid, and how they were educated. It also provides insight into massage therapists’ perspectives of competency, scope of practice, self-regulation and the role of massage therapy compared to other health professions.

The CMTA continues to work on developing a clear national voice, tackling the various, inter-related high-level issues that may make it difficult to achieve.

Download the Environmental Scan Analysis and Report

Survey Results Snapshot

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