Meet Wendy


Wendy was a single mom, working in a high-stress job with little down time. She sought massage therapy to help her get through.

As a single mom of two kids and working for 34 years in a high stress job in television, Wendy is no stranger to stress. Wendy has since retired from her big-city job, moved up north, and now enjoys a slower pace working in landscape and floral design, but massage therapy is one of the things that helped her through her more stressful periods.

She originally sought massage therapy due to chronic back pain. She began with chiropractic treatment, and the chiropractor recommended massage therapy. She was pleased to see how beneficial it could be for not only pain relief, but stress relief too.

“Massage therapy helped to calm me down enough to focus on what I wanted and needed,” Wendy said. “It was my down time and reflecting time.”

She feels fortunate that she has been treated by many different Massage Therapists over the years, all of which helped with her stress. “I had an amazing massage therapist that I called my laugh therapist,” Wendy reflected. “I felt so good when I left his office.”

Wendy felt that massage therapy made her feel cared for, alive and healthier. She was particularly impressed that all the massage therapists she’d encountered treated her as a whole person.

“The therapists were not only good at the mechanics of massage but were also focused on the overall health and wellness of my mind and body,” Wendy said.

Massage therapy was more than an opportunity to relax and unwind for Wendy. She has found massage therapy to be particularly effective for the joint pain she experiences as a result of Lyme disease. “I have been treated for Lyme disease for 7 years, and I find lymphatic massage to be helpful particularly when I was on some pretty heavy duty drugs,” Wendy said.

“Not only is massage comforting but it helped relieve the pain and sometimes eliminate it,” she said.

She has always enjoyed active hobbies, and massage therapy has helped her to continue to enjoy cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the winter and gardening in the summer. By completing the exercises prescribed to her by her massage therapist, she found that her back pain resolved more quickly.

She was happy to see that the massage therapists were able to adapt different techniques to her needs, and she would recommend massage therapy to anyone.

“All the massage therapists I’ve seen have made an impact on my life because of their positive care,” Wendy said. “One of the things I love is touch and that is why I love massage therapy.”

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