Meet Karen


Karen can continue hiking, biking, skiing, and loving the great outdoors.

Karen first tried massage therapy thirty years ago after a car accident. Karen has been able to remain active in a variety of sports including hiking, biking, canoeing, weight lifting and cross country skiing thanks to her regular massage therapy treatments.

She receives massage therapy treatments once a month and finds treatments targeted towards the muscles she uses frequently for her sports to be the most effective.

“My muscles are often tight,” Karen said. “Massage helps to regain mobility and decrease pain in these muscles. “

She has experienced tightness in her biceps and triceps which hinders her ability to canoe, cross country ski and hike. She has also often experienced tight quadriceps from hiking or biking and massage therapy makes a big difference in easing that tension.

“My ability to remain active is highly influenced by my massage treatments,” she said.

The encouragement that Karen gets from her massage therapist has helped her remember to stretch when needed, stay hydrated while participating in her sports and complete her regular self care. In addition to relieving the pain that can be caused by her active lifestyle, Karen notices that massage therapy has a positive effect on her mood.

  “Usually I am uptight and cranky before my massage,” Karen explained “Afterwards, I feel lighter and sleepier - and happier!”

She has found that massage is particularly beneficial in reducing her anxiety levels and relaxing more fully.

“The most effective part of massage is to feel the relaxation in particularly tight areas,” she explained.

She would recommend that anyone who is uncertain tries massage therapy so they can experience the benefits for themselves.

“There are just so many positive aspects to massage, both psychologically and physically,” she said. “I tell them it is preventative medicine and everyone should embrace massage as part of their wellness routine.”

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