Meet Gabor


Gabor had crippling back pain, but now enjoys horseback riding.

Gabor, a 44 year old data analyst, had back pain so severe that he was having trouble doing many everyday tasks, like driving and household chores. After several years of suffering, he visited his family doctor who recommended several options for relief. Gabor found the most success with massage therapy.

Although he had hoped to find some pain relief from massage therapy, he didn’t anticipate how much it would also help increase his mobility.

“There were occasions when I could not drive or work,” he said. “Regular massage therapy and stretching helped me regain my mobility and optimism.”

Not only did massage therapy help Gabor resume his day-to-day activities pain free, he was also able to begin new physical activities.

“After three months of massage therapy and exercises, I started horse riding, which was unthinkable for me before,” Gabor said.

Gabor said that in addition to feeling less pain after each massage therapy treatment, the stretching exercises his massage therapist gave him have been immensely helpful. Although he no longer regularly receives massage therapy treatment, he still regularly does his stretches and has seen long-term improvement.

“I haven’t had a spasm episode for about two years now and keep continuing with my stretching almost daily,” he said.

Like millions of office workers, Gabor has a sedentary job, and that lifestyle had started to take a toll on his body. In massage therapy, he was able to find an effective treatment option that he wasn’t previously aware of that he said reduces his pain, helps him feel less tense and improves his mobility.

“My massage therapist helped me discover treatment options that I hadn't thought of before,” Gabor explained. “Massage therapy helps me relax my muscles so I'm less tense during the day.”

Gabor finds that each massage therapy treatment refreshes his body and he feels much more relaxed and full of energy. He would definitely recommend trying massage therapy to others.

“People with similar pain can greatly improve their comfort and enjoy an active lifestyle with the help of massage therapy.”

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