Meet Carol


Carol has been able to try new things, like surfing in Hawaii.

Carol, 55, likes to remain active and she relies on massage therapy to help her continue doing what she loves.

Her work as a Line Producer for lifestyle television can be stressful. She keeps very creative people on schedule and on budget, and describes it as something like “herding cats”. She finds that both her active hobbies and regular massage therapy treatments can help relieve that stress.

She loves rock climbing, both inside and outside the gym, and she can also be frequently found practicing yoga, scuba diving, kayaking, riding her bike to work and traveling as much as possible.

Sometimes she finds she pushes herself a bit too hard, which is why she considers her RMT an essential person in her life.

“I rely on my RMT to help me keep doing all the fun things I like by relieving pain and rehabilitating any injuries,” Carol explained. "Having a great RMT has kept me active, which keeps me sane and helps relieve any stress I’m feeling."

Staying active is one of the ways that Carol relieves her stress, and regular massage therapy treatments are also an important component helping Carol to stay stress free.

“My stress manifests in tight shoulders and lower chest tightness and keeping these relaxed is imperative for my sense of well-being,” she said.

Carol has been able to continue to try new and intense sports in her fifties, like windsurfing and surfing in Hawaii. She credits adding massage therapy to her health care routine with making this possible.

“This is definitely due in part to having an RMT involved in my physical health and healing,” Carol said.

She understands the importance of preventing illness and injuries, and sees RMTs as an important part of preventative health care.

“More care spent on regular maintenance of our bodies means less health concerns and expenditures allowing everyone to age well,” she said.

The best part of massage therapy treatments for Carol is that she always leaves them feeling better. She also appreciates how her RMT has helped her to better understand how every part of her body is connected and affected. Carol considers her regular massage therapy treatments to be very important.

“I think regular care and maintenance of every person’s body helps to create a happy, healthy nation of people”, Carol said. “And massage therapists help further that goal.”

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