Massage Therapy Issues in the Federal Election - Engage with your MP


Canadians go to the polls on October 19th. The RMTAO, with our partners in the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA), have identified three important issues for the profession of massage therapy across Canada. We have created three letters that address the issues of taxation, massage therapy benefits for active members of the Canadian forces, and the inclusion of massage therapy in the recently proposed Healthcare Tax Credit.

The RMTAO is asking for all members of the profession to fill out these letter templates and send them to the MP candidates in your electoral district. Your fellow massage therapists across the country will be doing the same. Together, this means that over 20,000 massage therapists are working towards the same goals.

We ask that you ensure the message is delivered to the individuals running to represent you in the federal election. United together, we can make a difference.

Download Letter to MP - Federal Healthcare Tax Credit (PDF)

Download Letter to MP - Tax Exemption for Massage Therapy (PDF)

Download Letter to MP - Massage Therapy Benefits for the Canadian Forces (PDF)

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