FSCO Service Providers Licensing


In an effort to reduce fraud in the auto insurance sector, the Government of Ontario granted the Financial Services Commission of Ontario(FSCO) the authority to license health clinics that invoice auto insurers through the Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) system and to regulate their business and their billing practices.

While the RMTAO is fully committed to reducing health care fraud in any sector, it should not be a cost borne by the health care provider. We have worked very closely with our partners in the Coalition of Health Professional Associations in Ontario Automobile Insurance Services (Coalition) in order to bring to FSCO our objections and solutions. We pointed out that we are already regulated, including our business practices, under law by our various Colleges and therefore an added layer of regulation was unnecessary, expensive and overly burdensome, especially to the sole proprietor health care professional. We were consulted regarding a presentation on Bill 171, Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates, 2014 before the Standing Committee on General Government. FSCO has since implemented the licensing requirement.

The RMTAO has developed a webinar for our members with more information on the new licensing requirements for HCAI, including important information regarding clinic licensing.

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