Advocacy Update - Canadian Cancer Society


On May 14, 2018, Andrew Lewarne, Executive Director and CEO of the RMTAO, met with the Director of Cancer Information and Support Services at the Canadian Cancer Society. The discussion was focused on the inclusion of massage therapy in the treatment support recommendations provided by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mr. Lewarne provided information relating to the use of massage therapy in the treatment and support for individuals undergoing treatment for cancer, and highlighted the many ways RMTs can help these patients.

Massage therapy is currently listed as a complementary therapy option on the Canadian Cancer Society website. The Canadian Cancer Society Support Services receives inquiries from patients, their families and other groups relating to the appropriate use of massage therapy as a complementary treatment option. The RMTAO will be providing a presentation, supported by high-level research, to the information and support personnel at the Canadian Cancer Society who have the most direct contact with patients with cancer and their families. The presentation will highlight the benefits of massage therapy as a safe and effective treatment option for patients with cancer. This will allow the Canadian Cancer Society personnel to provide accurate information and better answer questions that these patients may have regarding the use of massage therapy to relieve many common symptoms associated with cancer and cancer treatments.

The RMTAO will continue to provide education and information to partner organizations and the public, promoting massage therapy as a safe and effective healthcare option.

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