2014 IN-CAM Research Symposium


On November 7th and 8th Andrew Lewarne ED of the RMTAO attended the IN-CAM 2014 Research Symposium in Calgary Alberta. This was an exciting congregation of researchers and presenters from across Canada and the United States 

The 2014 Research Symposium included the presentation of papers, both complete and incomplete, from some of the premier researchers here in Canada and abroad looking at everything from  “The Effect of Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery” to “Research Awareness of Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario”.

There was also the opportunity to speak to people like Dr. Martha Menard who is responsible along with Bodhi Haraldsson for creating and maintaining the Case Study Repository that can be found here: wwwcasere3.org. There was an exceptionally constructive Massage Therapy Special Interest Group meeting where three basic objectives were laid out for the coming year. 

There was the opportunity to connect with interested parties from associations and Colleges across the country. In particular it was invigorating having the opportunity to speak to Bodhi Haraldsson from the RMTBC (BC), Paul Kohlmeier from MTAM (Manitoba) and Donelda Gowan-Moody, RMT, MSc, (PhD Candidate) from MTAS (Saskatchewan).

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