Request for In-Person Workshop Proposals

Request for In-Person Workshop Proposals

If you are interested in teaching a hands-on, practical in-person workshop for RMTs in collaboration with the RMTAO, we would love to hear from you!


Proposals can be submitted at any time for consideration. Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and we will reach out to you within 30 days of your submission.

Proposal topics must be specifically developed for RMTs. The core (majority) of the course content must be original and all developed course materials for the course must comply with all copyright requirements and include references where needed.

All proposals will be evaluated by the senior staff of the Association and by members of the Education Advisory Committee.

Revisions to workshop proposals may be requested based on content goals, other proposals submitted on similar topics, and its alignment with overall educational needs of the association.

RMTAO’s Role

  • Coordinate and handle all logistics with venues for hosting the workshop
  • Promote the in-person workshop to its network
  • Distribute all handouts to participants electronically
  • Handle course registrations
  • Handle payments for the course

Note: There will be no food and beverage catering provided for in-person workshops. Participants will be provided a recharge break to grab refreshments on their own.

In-Person Workshop Schedule

In-person workshops will be scheduled at the discretion of the RMTAO, taking the presenter’s schedule and venue availability into consideration.


Please include the following information in your proposal submission.

Contact Information:

     Full name, Email, Phone number

Presenter Information:

     Presenter background (provide your company’s role and mission, if applicable, and the presenter's experience in the field).

Workshop Details:
  1. Title of the Workshop
  2. Description
    Provide a short description that includes the overall highlights and importance of the workshop content. This will be displayed on the RMTAO website for marketing purposes.
  3. Learning Outcomes
    Provide 2-3 key learning takeaways the audience will learn from the workshop.
  4. Research
    List any evidence-based research that details sources to support the course material. Example: journal articles, case studies, text books etc.
  5. Target Audience
    New RMTs, seasoned RMTs, RMTs working with particular patient populations, RMTs working in particular environments, etc.
  6. CMTO Competencies
    List the competencies the workshop will cover. Please refer to the CMTO career-span competencies: 
  7. Presenters
    Provide presenter names along with short bios and a web link.
  8. Proposed Workshop Length
    Minimum 1.5 hours. Courses can be up to a full day if required. No multi-day courses will be accepted.
  9. Workshop Attendance
    The minimum capacity is 10 attendees and the maximum capacity is 30 attendees. Venue capacity will be taken into consideration.
  10. Additional Notes
    Please provide any additional information that will be helpful for us to know while considering your proposal.

Submission Policy

Workshop proposals are to be submitted electronically to All proposal submissions are subject to review by the Education Advisory Committee. Accepted submissions may be subjected to revisions based on content goals, other proposals submitted on similar topics, and its alignment with overall educational needs of the association. The presenter will be contacted when appropriate for such changes.

The RMTAO reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals or topics submitted for review.

By submitting a workshop proposal you agree to these terms.

If you have any questions or to submit a proposal, please email: Hariti Malhotra, Education and Events Planner at